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William is considered to be one of the foremost leading professionals in the field of health, safety and environment for over 25 years both at the International and National levels. He is highly regarded among his peers and Regulators. He is motivated by challenge and fulfilled by accomplishment. His drive for being a results-oriented professional has enabled him to provide a value-added feature for employers in all sectors of business. These desired results have directly contributed to a healthier bottom line and the success of the organization.

William has a double Masters Degree in Environmental, Health and Safety and Human Resources Management. His education includes being medically trained (Ambulance Emergency Care) and he has positioned himself with numerous train-the-trainer designations in most every area of environment, health and safety. He is a “one-stop shop” for all your health, safety and environmental and claims management needs either in a supportive role or a development and implementation role.

William possesses many professional designations and memberships both International and National being a Professional Member of both the Canadian and American Society of Safety Engineers.

“Education and designations are important, but the measurement of success is being able to use the knowledge and apply it practically within the workplace”.

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