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Why We Should Do Business Together...

Doing Business TogetherPeople often ask us "why do we need your help with our issue, why can't we do this ourselves?" The simple answer is, if you are not already implementing the solution, then you could use our help. Our approach is professional, friendly, productive and above all creates powerful long lasting results for your organization.

Our sole focus is to see your business be successful, getting together as a partnership for as long as it's needed. We work side by side with your team providing leadership, options, structure, guidance and resources. Our vast experience and expertise allows us to seamlessly fit in with your people and company culture.

Here are some things you may be thinking about when it comes to working with us ...let's put your mind at rest:

1.Why are we bringing in consultants?
We are not consultants. Our focus is on doing - not making recommendations and writing reports.

2. Why can't we do this ourselves?
Maybe you can, but you haven't yet! Your team will do the best they can to address the issue, as and when they have the time - we will work at the issue until it is fixed to your satisfaction and in the required time.

3. Are we failing if we engage external help?
No, you have simply identified an issue or problem that a seasoned professional can provide an external and objective perspective on solving – quickly. This allows you to continue to do what you do best, while we focus on solving your problem.

4 What if my staff are not happy with outsiders coming in?
 They need to understand we are there to work with them in a supportive manner to bring about a specific outcome that will make them more successful. We are not there to judge, write reports or leave them with more things to do. Nor are we intent on 'taking up residence' with our clients.

5 What if we don't want others to know about our internal issues?
 All organizations have issues. Winning organizations recognize them as opportunities and act on them. For our part, we do not delight in our client’s issues, nor (legally) may we share them with others. We put a binding confidentiality agreement in place prior to proceeding with any engagement.

6 What about the cost of your proposed services?
We ensure that there is value for your company from the work we do that is substantially more than the cost of our fees.

We have been providing advisory and leadership services for more than ten years to  private and public companies in Canada. Each Atticus Principal brings more than twenty  years of senior management experience to reduce your business risk on every assignment.

We invite you to contact us for a complimentary introduction meeting where we can explain more about the Atticus approach, but most importantly learn more about the challenges you are facing in your business today. Let us show you immediate, positive and sustainable results that will drive your organization forward - we look forward to connecting with you.