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We always enjoy hearing what our clients have to say and thought you might too...

 "As a multi-location, multi-product line distributor with 50,000+ skus, we needed an outside perspective on how bad or good our current supply chain and inventory management practices were. 

We tend to be averse to consultants due to prior bad experiences but the proposal from Atticus seemed to be focused and well-conceived, without the common error of lofty promises. 

We were happy that Atticus, through Principal Jeff Shannon, delivered a comprehensive review and set of recommendations that were both relevant to our business and practical to follow through."

Kevin Bresson, MBA, M.Eng, Director Of Supply Chain



"Atticus is a great team of experienced business people. They provided new ideas that led us to restructure our company for growth. Atticus was the catalyst that gave my staff the confidence to achieve more."

Steve Nolan, General Manager,

Plitron Manufacturing Inc.


"Gail Walker brought the experience of a proven marketing professional and educator who has produced results in many environments. She has a keen ability to sort through the noise and get to the key important insights and matters that need focussing. We were better able to tell our company story, which is a great one, and to get the entire organization focussed on our key marketing objective and message."

Scott Swierad, Exec VP & COO



“Thanks very much for your work on how we can achieve our three-year sales, marketing and business development objectives. I found it very informative, particularly the actions you identified to take us to the next step.  Both David and I were very pleased with the quality of work and with the detailed understanding you had gained of our complex business.  It was impressive.”

Shahrokh Zangeneh, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

Kinectrics - Life Cycle Management Solutions for the Electricity Industry


“I rolled out the new incentive program this afternoon. I must say, overall, it was received very well.

The guys are excited that we finally have something to aim for and that we can track monthly to see our progress..”

Tim Clarke, Associate Vice President, Linehall Operations

Day & Ross General Freight


Atticus has an inventory of very experienced Principals to choose from. While other consultants will ask questions and feed back your own answers, Atticus understands your challenges and then makes real changes to your business.”

Larry Fingler, President,

Fiber Connections Inc.


"I recently worked with Atticus on a recruitment for a high level position within our organization.  The candidates that were presented had the experience, knowledge and credentials we were looking for.   I was impressed with all the candidates that were brought forward.  The comprehensive candidate summary Atticus provided was helpful to allow us to quickly choose a shortlist and start to prepare for interviews. 

The role is now filled with a very qualified and motivated individual that I am sure will bring much added value to us here at the Co-op."

Amanda Vali, Human Resources Director



We are extremely pleased with the work that Atticus did for our company in the areas of Sales and Marketing. We picked up a fair bit of business as a direct result of Atticus’ involvement which helped us to substantially offset recent slowdowns in orders due to the economy. We would definitely work with Atticus again.”

Stephen Belyea, President

BASE Engineering~


“Atticus delivered real value to our organization and was a pleasure to work with.”

David Deskur, President

CGL Manufacturing Ltd.


“Atticus helped us evolve from an entrepreneur-based company to a process-driven company. With the new systems and process Atticus put in place, I now spend time working on the business instead of in the business.”

Bill Grant

Kraken Automation Inc.


“I was extremely pleased with the overall project results. We ended up with some excellent people from Atticus and are on target to meet our client deadlines.”

Wendy Cuthbert Director of Data Management, North America

AAI Pharma.~~


“I would not hesitate to recommend Atticus based on their fast and professional response to our company’s needs and their ongoing strategic advice.”

Gonzalo Peralta, President

The BabelFish Corporation


“The professionals from Atticus provide a valuable service – stepping in to provide senior level counsel that hits the mark in terms of addressing specific business needs. In one assignment, they helped us restructure our marketing department and write our first annual marketing plan.”

Victoria Hubbell, SVP, Strategy & Stakeholder Relations,

Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan


"I just wanted to say thanks for the words of wisdom and guidance towards both personal and company growth. Your presentation definitely made me rethink the principles of how I represent the company, represent myself and handle the daily routine of a sales manager. I look forward to your coaching that I’m sure will help me reach goals and achievements quicker and more efficiently."

Darren Eavis, Director of North American Sales, Petroleum Equipment