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A Few Words About Us

about atticus

We are a team of hands-on experienced professionals that came together to help organizations like yours cope with today's ever changing demanding markets. We have been providing advisory and interim leadership services to our clients for over ten years.

Our expertise derives from our team of over 25 Principals, all with:

1. Senior executive corporate experience.
2. Strong academic standings.
3. True value stemming from years of front line experience managing organizations similar to yours.

Businesses today operate with lean structures, and in marketplaces that are constantly changing. This hostile environment can result in your organization being faced with situations where you don't have adequate staff to allocate to a project or you don't have the appropriate experience to address a problem.

This is where Atticus can help - we provide the interim expertise to:

1. Develop a custom solution for your business.
2. Bring that solution to life in your organization.

We invite you to contact us for a complimentary introduction meeting where we can explain more about the Atticus approach, but most importantly learn more about the challenges you are facing in your business today.