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Over a long career starting with graduating in Manufacturing Engineering and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems he experienced many challenges in the Aerospace business with Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney. During his aerospace career, Peter held numerous positions in Engineering, Marketing and Operations which enabled him to develop broad experience and build a reputation for pragmatic implementation of the Lean principles and resolution of challenges and achievement of results. As an Executive, with global responsibility, he was responsible for the leadership of organisations that developed a culture of continual learning and embracement of continual change. His achievements contributed the success of his chosen employers.

During the last 15 years he continued to use and develop his skills in the area of Alternative Energy providing Executive Management leadership to companies whose biggest markets were in the Middle East and S. E Asia. This has included the establishment of overseas operations, technology transfer and international cooperation on projects. This international experience has resulted in him being officially a member of the list of Directors in various country’s.

Peter is a dynamic, pragmatic proven leader who has demonstrated his commitment to use his integrity whilst observing, listening, motivating, leading and producing results with passion and experience.

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