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Originating from the UK and being in Canada for almost 25 years, Mick has accumulated a wealth of international experience in progressively senior roles.

Although primarily in the aerospace sector, Mick has demonstrated his skill set in several other industries. Areas of success for Mick include strategy formulation and execution, business growth, risk management, engineering, production and manufacturing, materials management, organizational effectiveness and change management. Consequently, Mick has extensive experience with companies in transition, requiring turnaround or operating under other difficult situations, and is a firm believer and advocate of LEAN principles and the integral culture changes necessary for success.

As a professional engineer, with an MBA and a member of the Chartered Institute of Directors, Mick’s practical experience is well complemented by his educational achievements. He is recognized for his open listening style and operates with integrity at all times. Mick also provides coaching and mentoring to business leaders and organizations through his board of directors experiences.

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