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Finding Gold In Raw Ingredients...

CLIENT: Food Industry (Ingredients Supplied To Processors).


The client wanted to know the potential Canadian market for ingredients that it manufactures which are designed for and targeted at a specific market category.

The client had spent more than three years searching for suitable partners whose vision of the schools matched their own. Eventually, two such partners were identified and negotiations launched. But the process was taking a great deal of time, and roadblocks to finalising an arrangement kept appearing


There is limited data and no single source that identifies ingredient sales and volumes for specialized products sold into this market channel in Canada. The project required collecting and reviewing sales and marketing information from numerous sources for specific food product classifications in terms of market size and segmentation. We also did a text analysis of key trends and the competitive landscape, demographic information and descriptions of leading companies in the sector.

While both primary and secondary manufacturers were discussed, the main focus was on Tier 2 companies who manufacturer and supply to the Canadian food industry. Properly developed, this market segment could be a target growth area for the company to focus on for expansion, selling deeper and to new accounts.


The scope of this project included:
•An executive summary and data by market segment on value, volume and ingredient analyses;
•Text analysis of the industry's prospects, competitive landscape and leading companies Industry data including Tier 1 and 2 customers based on available published data.
•Analyses of market potential for food ingredients sold into the Canadian marketplace for these channels and product classification groups
•Recommended next steps.


Atticus Canada prepared the report based on available and current market data. Market results are subject to the original assumptions previously identified within the context of the study and have a huge impact on market size in revenues and volumes. The client approved the assumptions prior to our beginning the study.

The study identified the Canadian market for food ingredients used in specific market channels in terms of dollars and volumes for the past three years and included three-year projections.

Then, the company was able to apply actual sales results in each category to determine their market share. This continues to be useful as sales and marketing develop a strategy to improve sales, margins and introduce new products and technologies to grow the business profitably. Budgets were aligned with resources, supporting development through the company’s next three year strategic plan.