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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Senior business executives often feel isolated and pressured to excel - sound familiar? Working with a coach can provide a personal ally interested only in helping you deliver your 'A' game.

Our coaches have all had senior level careers and have worked with executives in both the public and private sectors - they have been in your shoes and understand the pressures.

As well as one-on-one coaching and mentoring, we offer team and organizational coaching.

Let us match you with a compatible Principal to develop your coaching or mentoring plan - we're here to help and elevate your business game. Contact us today for more information about our coaching sessions and programs.

We will: Listen To You ~ Recognize Your Accomplishments ~ Challenge You ~ Create Clarity ~ Motivate You ~ Help You Identify Goals

You will: Feel Empowered ~ Gain Confidence ~ Experience Growth ~ Embrace Change ~ Leverage Strengths ~ Enhance Performance ~ Meet Targets

Our coaching and mentoring roster:

  • Carmine - coaching profile (pdf)
    Carmine’s career has included roles in human resources, operations, engineering and retail working with Fortune 500 companies...

  • Jack - coaching profile (pdf)
    Jack has provided functional coaching to individual executives within a variety of industries to enhance effectiveness and developed succession...

  • Eric - coaching profile (pdf)
    Eric brings exceptional organization effectiveness and talent managementexpertise gained through roles as a senior business leader...

  • John - coaching profile (pdf)
    John brings 30+ years of business development experience in multinational corporations (Gillette, Oral B, Braun, Duracell) and private enterprise....

  • Bruce - coaching profile (pdf)
    Bruce’s career has included roles in accounting, financial management, systems implementation and restructuring in large, publicly traded international...

  • Angela - coaching profile (pdf)
    Angela’s career has included roles in investor relations, corporate communications, business planning, finance, marketing and product management in blue chip....

  • Jeff - coaching profile (pdf)
    Jeff’s career has included roles in supply chain, distribution operations, customer service, logistics, information technology, facilities, strategic planning and finance in.....

  • Barry - coaching profile (pdf)
    Barry’s career has included roles in senior management, board of directors for international corporations, operations, manufacturing, engineering, logistics...

  • Gail - coaching profile (pdf)
    Gail’s coaching career has included roles in marketing, product development and sales in large blue chip companies, privately held Canadian firms...


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