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Eric Breitkreutz has been helping business leaders deliver compelling results through the effective management of organizations and talent for more than 25 years. His accomplishments span a range of industries, organization cultures and business models, including highly decentralized, multinational enterprises.

Eric has held executive roles in a variety of prominent Canadian businesses such as TELUS, Barrick Gold, and Toromont Industries. He has served major clients across a range of industries, including mining, energy services, pharmaceuticals, electrical energy, software, and insurance. Eric has effectively served in interim executive roles, and as an executive coach and mentor.

He specializes in helping businesses focus their human resources agendas, build enduring organization capability, and effectively execute the programs essential to achieving desired performance improvements.

Eric understands the executive leadership requirements for growth and change, and is noted for his ability to diagnose human capital issues, and to distill leading thought and techniques into practical, impactful, and cost-effective solutions related to performance and talent management, leadership development, incentive systems and general organization capability.

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