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David Robertson has an extensive experience as a Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) for Canadian organizations in both the private and public sectors.

Over a long career he has provided proven leadership and evolution of the Corporate Services areas in: Finance & Accounting; Forecasting & Budgeting; Operational & Capital Planning; Internal Audit; Corporate Information & Systems Technology; Procurement Contract Administration & Purchasing; Human Resources: Risk Management & Insurance; Facilities & Engineering; and Records Management.

Throughout his career as a senior executive, David has successfully created or re-engineered the Corporate Services functions in diverse business environments where dramatic transition or substantial growth was taking place. His last two positions have required him to tactfully and effectively manage in the difficult and multi-faceted Provincial and Federal government environments and their related client associations.

David has strong public speaking and presentation skills to: employees; senior management colleagues; Boards of Directors; regulatory agencies; venture capital firms; and other external stakeholders. He has proven expertise in overseeing and concluding significant mergers and acquisitions as well as sourcing funding for start-up companies which were in private equity or initial public offering stages.

David is skilled in complex financial and procurement negotiations, multi-party collaborations as well as most importantly, motivating, challenging, developing and mentoring staff.

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