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Chris McKittrick is a highly experienced international executive, who has run companies in Canada, USA, Belgium, and the UK, and has more than 20 years' experience in consulting and interim management.

His broad client base experience includes consumer and industrial products, oil & gas, service industries, food distribution and processing, defence procurement, software and advanced technologies. The common factor from these diverse segments is how Chris has successfully introduced best business practices gathered from his extensive corporate and consulting/interim management experience, and driven positive, sustainable results.

Chris' specific areas of expertise are in leadership, strategic planning, teambuilding, sales, marketing and business development. With today‚Äôs rapidly changing B2B landscape, Chris addresses evolving sales and buying processes, and how those impact traditional go-to-market distribution, dealer and direct to end-user sales/marketing models. 

He also has extensive CRM implementation success experience from a management and sales/marketing perspective, and has added formal online training/consultation skills as working remotely has become a reality 

Chris has also served on both internal and external Boards.

Educated at universities in the UK, France and Spain with an Honours degree in Applied Languages and Business, Chris has traveled and done business in most major world markets. He is fluent in French, speaks advanced Spanish and has a practical working knowledge of Italian and Dutch.

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