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Adding Focus Adds $1.4-Million In Sales...

CLIENT: A privately-owned company in technology sector.


Company revenues and profits were flat for three years. The plateau worried the CEO, who needed to jump-start the business.


If the company could refocus and redefine itself, it had the opportunity to break through the “concrete ceiling” it had bumped up against.


Atticus proposed a project with three, overall deliverables:

  • Atticus asked the CEO to take the Business Optimization Check on the website which identified two major problem areas: Its marketing and sales approach, and the supporting operational processes.
  • Atticus facilitated a strategic planning workshop, in which the CEO identified five key initiatives to improve internal operations:.
    • Develop a more rigorous approach to lead generation, conversion, and retention.
    • Overcome the production bottleneck.
    • Define an effective organizational structure and best practices for each role.
    • Establish performance measurements for each role, and training programs to support staff in reaching targets.
    • Establish a program to improve internal communications.
  • Over the next three months, Atticus designed and implemented significant changes to lead generation, lead conversion, training and communications, as well as in the president’s own leadership style


Within six months, monthly revenue rose three-fold while only adding two sales people.

The company’s CEO recognized that changing his leadership style was crucial. He notes, “The team is far more engaged. People have developed the habit of thinking for themselves and seeing opportunities rather than waiting for me to give direction.”