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A Communication Tool That Leads To New Sales...

CLIENT: Professional Services Firm.


Atticus’ client devoted a lot of time and money preparing newsletters for clients, which research showed were mostly unread. The problem for a midsized but growing law firm was to develop a vehicle for regular client communications that not only provided information but did so in a form and format that recipients would read and make them contact the firm.


Redefine the approach, style and method that a firm uses to communicate with clients in a highly readable format that speaks the language of the reader, not the language of the professional, and clearly differentiates them from other firms.


The creation of a new, four colour, glossy business magazine in CD-ROM format as the firm’s primary client communication tool. It included links to the website, video interviews on business subjects and features. The CD also replaced all brochures.


Although originally opposed by many of the firm’s lawyers, the tool was well-received by clients. The first CD received more than 150 unsolicited letters of approval from recipients, and prompted more than 500 requests for additional copies including from non-clients.

More important to the firm was that it led directly to new, fee-paying clients because it helped distinguish the firm clearly from competitors, another example of how a “brand” is more than a slogan but a way of relating to clients and customers.